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Verteilerbox-Zeitungsbox-bestueckt erteilerbox-Zeitungsbox unbestueckt Item No.: SKMo 31.37.550
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Verteilerbox-Zeitungsbox-Rueckseite-back Verteilerbox-transparente-Scheiben Verteilerbox-Zeitungsbox-Platte



Backside /
rivet connection

acrylic glass

Base plate with
drill holes



WxHxD: 420 x 1250 x 550 mm


Newspaper box made of galvanised sheet metal, powder-coated in RAL color system. All parts are riveted. 2 pockets for stacking newspapers, stored and protected behind transparent acrylic glass. The opening makes it easy to take out the newspapers. Drill holes in the base plate of the stand let you fix the box to the floor. Advertising space on all sides.

Base plate with drilling: 460 x 335 mm Stand: 320 x 200 mm


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